A Beautiful Site Between River and Mountain

The majestic, south-facing slope towards Mt. Hood, the volcanic soil from Mount Adams and the temperate breezes from the Columbia River Gorge make this a special place for growing wine grapes.

The deep winter rains from the Cascade Mountain range fortify the volcanic soil with moisture for bud break and berry set while the hot dry summers allow for grapes with rich and complex flavors from the deep volcanic soil.

A South-Facing Aspect, at a 1400′ Elevation, Dry Farmed with 34 inches of Annual Precipitation, Rich Columbia River Gorge Volcanic Soils, Chemawa “Buckshot” Loam

and A Vineyard Built by Family and Friends

Crooked Acres is a local family run business. We care that our communities know the respect and importance we feel being connected with them. Providing quality wines year after year, expanding into the rich flavors our soil provides and the unique variations we can nourish.

The Crooke Family deeply cherishes the opportunities to prove again and again to our local communities that we can produce wide possibilities of delicious, complex flavors of wines for them throughout the years for all of their gatherings, events, and special occasions.

The Crooke Family has a passionate love for the Art & Science of Growing and Developing Wines that they and the people of their local communities look forward to sharing, connecting, and bonding with.

Causes We Support

We have been actively supporting these organizations who we think are doing a great job helping others with food and shelter in the Portland area.

Meals on Wheels
Central City Concern